That famous painting (and other links)

Via the BBC I discovered that DaVinci’s ‘Last Supper’ has been digitized and posted to the Internet (actual site). According to the article, the produced image is about 1600 times detailed than a photo from an average DSLR: what can you say of a 16 bn pixel image. Wait I know: can you compress it? The actual site (see earlier link) is hard to get by today (sluggish, rather) but is worth a visit.

Argentina is about to choose a female president: As it looks like right now, the next president is going to be the wife of the current president, mrs. Cristina Fernarndez de Kirchner. There’s a comment from a BBC reader (a certain Brian from NY, USA) that made me laugh out loud:

The husband wife political swap reeks of corruption and nepotism

How about Polish evil twins?

The Dalai Lama has started his visit to Canada. The Buddhist leader addressed a (sold-out!) crowd of 8,000 people at the Ottawa Civic Center. Later this week, the Dalai Lama will meet with Stephen Harper. Also fom the CBC some excellent analysis on this visit.

Update: It looks like Kirchner won the elections.

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