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Alfons earlier One Chip MSX pointed to Basix, a company that recently released the One Chip MSX, a computer that is compatible with the MSX1/MSX2 standard1 (A press kit can be found here).

Actually, the box is supposed to do more than just emulating MSX/MSX2s: the main processor is actually a programmable logic device, which means that it should be able (according to the specs of that processor) to emulate other home-computers (Back in the days, quite a lot computers carried Z-80 processors).

It looks like the One Chip MSX comes with the typical two cartridge slots but not with (the typical) diskdrive(s). That said, the concept is neat.

Back to Linux: Slashdot carried a posting about D-Link and GPL violations in one of D-Link wireless devices (purportedly the device contained a modified Linux kernel). Earlier, D-Link undersigned the cease-and-desist order and halted distribution of the device but refused to reimburse the lawyer bills of the complaintant by suggesting that:

“Regardless of the repeatedly-quoted judgement of the district court of Munich
I, we do not consider the GPL as legally binding.”

OK. You can laugh now.

The last device I noticed was at Hauppage: The company recently released a wireless mediaplayer which is (surprisingly) powered by a penguin and a PowerPC processor.

1 For more on MSX, see also Wikipedia and

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