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The light

A couple of days ago, I was thinking of mankind’s efforts to make an invisible cloak: I’m not sure why I came up to that subject, but, at one time, I remember trying to explain someone what light is and the duality of matter and energy (I guess I should link to the double-slit experiment as well). Anyway, to stay on topic, I read that researchers are getting closer to making such a cloak, and this time it doesn’t require heavy use of metals: by manipulating the optical density of an object (the ‘amount of refraction of an object’) they were able to transform the path of light.

I also read that researches have drawn up a genetic map of Africa, which shows that continent (besides being the origin of humans) is more genetic diverse than initially expected. Additionally, the study seems to confirm the location of the origin of human migration, which is in south-west Africa.

A week ago (or so, according the news sources), astronomers watched the explosion of the oldest object (for now) in the universe. The best estimations are that it exploded 13 billion years ago, which makes the object approximately ‘only’ 600 million years old or so. The gamma ray burst, detected by SWIFT (which some news sources fail to mention), confirms what most astronomers already suspected: that stars can form within 600 million years.


I‘m a picky listener (and viewer) of news programs and the like, and the same is true for podcasts. I’m a fan of the CBC’s “The Current” (hosted by Tremonti) and unconsciously, that probably sets a standard. For example, I find the works of Laporte and AmberMac boring: the podcast Net@Night reminds of the stages of chewing chewing-gum. Interesting at first, boring at the end.

I discovered that Bill Maher’s weekly show ‘Real Time’ is converted into MP3 files and published into RSS feed (which you can find around here, or you can find it in the iTunes Podcast/TV Shows section). Some portions of the show don’t really translate well to ‘audio-only’ format, but if you’re a fan of Maher’s humour (and snide remarks), you shouldn’t miss his shows.

There are many ‘meta crawlers’ that crawl the ‘best podcasts’ around. Most of these crawlers appear to suggest that the quantity of downloads (or subscribers) somehow translates to quality. The only site I found worth revisiting is earideas, which crawls public stations, science magazines and several newspapers. Don’t expect to find news about the latest ‘gadgets’ and ‘Web 2.0′. A good start for finding podcasts is (you wouldn’t guess it), MetaFilter (or rather, AskMefi).

A disturbance in the force

Via Metafilter (thread), I found out that Yo La Tengo’s “Murdering The Classics” session is happening today. WMFU will have a livestream, starting at 5PM EST (pls/MP3). If you need a different output stream, the WMFU blog has other types of formats, including RealAudio and Windows Media [Note: below a sample of the session].

Slashdot (and other news sites) reported that the American Institute of Physics released a study that shows that other spacecraft have experienced velocity anomalies, much like the ones detected by the Pioneer 10. The comments over at Slashdot are hilarious:

I’m sorry officer; I was experiencing a velocity anomaly.

That’s too bad, son, I’m still writing you a ticket. From now on keep it under 299,792,458 meters per second. The law is the law!

I’m not sure why I would bring it up here but the big news yesterday was about that Belgian lady who wrote up a book about her experiences during the Second World War: the book was even made into a movie. It was all fake (she isn’t even Jewish) and she explains her motives:

“This story is mine. It is not actually reality, but my reality, my way of surviving”

Wikipedia has a good background story about the hoax, which includes several references to the original publisher Jane Daniel (blog), who apparently suspected her story to be a fake.

Update 1: Good stuff: though, Georgia Hubley of Yo La Tengo is apparently missing today. I’ll try to get a small sample up tonight.

Update 2: It looks like the 128 KBS streams are ‘full’. I was kicked out a couple of times but was able to connect back within seconds.

Update 3: And as promised a soundbite from the session “Yo La Tengo is murdering the classics” – Jefferson Airplane’s ‘White Rabbit’ (30+ second sample).

Update 4: WMFU has more: a video of YLT’s (hilarious) ‘The Passenger’, which indeed ended up with lyrics about Jack Nicholson.