A disturbance in the force

Via Metafilter (thread), I found out that Yo La Tengo’s “Murdering The Classics” session is happening today. WMFU will have a livestream, starting at 5PM EST (pls/MP3). If you need a different output stream, the WMFU blog has other types of formats, including RealAudio and Windows Media [Note: below a sample of the session].

Slashdot (and other news sites) reported that the American Institute of Physics released a study that shows that other spacecraft have experienced velocity anomalies, much like the ones detected by the Pioneer 10. The comments over at Slashdot are hilarious:

I’m sorry officer; I was experiencing a velocity anomaly.

That’s too bad, son, I’m still writing you a ticket. From now on keep it under 299,792,458 meters per second. The law is the law!

I’m not sure why I would bring it up here but the big news yesterday was about that Belgian lady who wrote up a book about her experiences during the Second World War: the book was even made into a movie. It was all fake (she isn’t even Jewish) and she explains her motives:

“This story is mine. It is not actually reality, but my reality, my way of surviving”

Wikipedia has a good background story about the hoax, which includes several references to the original publisher Jane Daniel (blog), who apparently suspected her story to be a fake.

Update 1: Good stuff: though, Georgia Hubley of Yo La Tengo is apparently missing today. I’ll try to get a small sample up tonight.

Update 2: It looks like the 128 KBS streams are ‘full’. I was kicked out a couple of times but was able to connect back within seconds.

Update 3: And as promised a soundbite from the session “Yo La Tengo is murdering the classics” – Jefferson Airplane’s ‘White Rabbit’ (30+ second sample).

Update 4: WMFU has more: a video of YLT’s (hilarious) ‘The Passenger’, which indeed ended up with lyrics about Jack Nicholson.

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