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X3 and Elite

It probably doesn’t surprise anybody that I’ve added “X3: Albion Prelude” (Egosoft) to my collection of playable games. This is supposed to be an expansion to “X3:Terran Conflict” (earlier on xsamplex), but to be honest, it doesn’t feel like that: from what I can tell is that some of the X3:TC features aren’t there. It feels more like a stand-alone game than an expansion, which makes the $9.99 price it sold at initially a very reasonable price. Alright: this is not supposed to be a review of sorts, so,

The reason I bring up X3 is that the joy playing this game stems from the initial skirmishes I had in the MSX version of Elite, like, way back in the late 80s (earlier). At one time I showed someone some X3 gameplay, and I was asked what ‘the point is of travelling for hours without doing anything at all’. Which is true: the game doesn’t have real goals (besides the missions). The only goal in the game is whatever the player wants to make out of it. On your own pace.

This is also what set Elite apart, 25 or so years ago, and it was indeed one of the most successful games ever made. I wish X3 would get the same attention as I believe Egosoft is doing something remarkable here.

And then some more

I ran into a couple of surprises this week: First, I noticed that Mozilla now has their own video outlet/pod cast, Air Mozilla (Requires Flash 9). The video cast is spearheaded by Asa Dotzler. Older footage can be found at YouTube, at the Air Mozilla channel (warning, it appears that the YouTube channel is not really up-to-date, but it does have footage of interviews with the Chief Mozilla Wrangler, Mitchell Baker).

Also, much to my surprise, I found out that MTV apparently has a multiplayer blog, which brings you everything from ‘Halo 3 to Desktop Tower Defense’. I generally don’t read these kind of gaming blogs (for obvious reasons).

This reminds me that I ended up at that MTV blog via this Joystiq posting (‘Do you want a Portal 2?’): However, the posting there doesn’t really link to MTV’s blog. I guess it’s either hard to create hyperlinks to 3rd party sites or that hyperlinking isn’t usual anymore.