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A silver lining

This Saturday, we ended up in Uptown SJ to look at the cruiseship, Silver Whisper (Silversea Cruises). Compared to ships that normally sail in, the Silver Whisper is a small ship and appears to be a fairly luxury cruise-liner. From the number of people that got off the boat, I could only tell that it didn’t seem to be full.

That reminds me that it was windy and bitter cold at the harbour: it was so cold, it felt like my knees were freezing up. According to fellow bus passengers, the forecast for Winter 2010 is going to be, well, Winter-like. More snow and colder: as I mentioned earlier, I don’t care if it’s going to be worse than last Winter as long as the water table stays constant.

And talking about water: there was a boiling order in effect in SJ this Thanksgiving weekend. It was just lifted yesterday. At the local Montana’s we were advised not to order hot beverages and that: Surprisingly, one had to pay extra for bottled water. The silver lining? It was awfully quiet.


Today, three cruise ships stopped by in Saint John: the Carnival Victory, the Grandeur and the Maasdam.

I didn’t have time to try to get all three of them on one photo (I only had the 80mm on me) and my goal was just to make a snapshot of the HAL logo: The reason being family history I guess, (previously on xsamplex), or one might say, for sentimental reasons only. I noticed that there was a tighter security detail than a couple of weeks before: At that time, I was able to get a closer look at the ‘Grandeur of the Seas’ by walking right up to the ship’s bow via the parking lot at Pugsley A. Today, the parking lot was closed off and watched by two security guards, probably from Customs Canada.

The next HAL ship is slated to arrive September 4th (The Eurodam). As you can tell from the Saint John Cruiseship schedule, the Victory is here almost once a week. From what I understand, the most anticipated ship at this moment is coming in on September 20th: the Queen Elizabeth 2 enter Saint John port and will dock at Pugsley A.

Universal Fog

W henWhat can you say I was younger, I always associated (morning) fog with pending clear weather and sunny periods, which is definitely not true for Saint John: the question here is not when it will clear up but actually, when the next fog patch is going to hit the streets.

The fog has its advantages though: people seem to care less about other people making photos of them, as they try to rush their way through the grey stuff. Additionally, you’ll get free bokeh when you make pictures of them using a cruiseship as a backdrop.

Update Saint John Port Authority maintains a list of cruise ships that are expected to come to town.