A silver lining

This Saturday, we ended up in Uptown SJ to look at the cruiseship, Silver Whisper (Silversea Cruises). Compared to ships that normally sail in, the Silver Whisper is a small ship and appears to be a fairly luxury cruise-liner. From the number of people that got off the boat, I could only tell that it didn’t seem to be full.

That reminds me that it was windy and bitter cold at the harbour: it was so cold, it felt like my knees were freezing up. According to fellow bus passengers, the forecast for Winter 2010 is going to be, well, Winter-like. More snow and colder: as I mentioned earlier, I don’t care if it’s going to be worse than last Winter as long as the water table stays constant.

And talking about water: there was a boiling order in effect in SJ this Thanksgiving weekend. It was just lifted yesterday. At the local Montana’s we were advised not to order hot beverages and that: Surprisingly, one had to pay extra for bottled water. The silver lining? It was awfully quiet.

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