Round here

The last 48 hours it was storming so much that at times it reminded me of Hurricane Juan back in 2003. This morning I found out that apparently the wind was so strong that it had blown the BBQ upside down. If you think of it: the thing is heavy enough for me. This also serves as a reminder to at least clean the BBQ out so once in a while.

Sticking with the weather, the local residents informed me that this year’s Summer was probably one of the better ones since, well, ages. Indeed it had been extremely warm during July and August: compared to the year before where it seemed to be raining every day (delaying the painting of the deck), I prefer a moderate climate with moderate temperatures. Then at least I don’t have to worry about the ground water level. Seasonal forecasts from Weather Canada promise a nice amount of snow: today, I don’t care if we’ll have snowstorms or not.

And earlier this week, New Brunswickers went to the polls and voted out the mr. Graham’s Liberals: I read the conservatives easily managed to get a majority in the province’s assembly (42 versus 13?). I’m only surprised that third parties (like the NDP and the People Alliance) did not manage to get any seats.

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