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A bang.

Via New Scientist:A Big bang researchers have worked on a (computer) model that suggests that our universe could have emerged from another collapsing universe. The researchers based their model on a theory called the Loop Quantum Cosmology, which was (originally) proposed in 2003. At the end of the article, there’s a funny quote about how these physicist came up on LQC:

“From a physicist’s point of view, it is fully justified. Mathematicians perhaps would not be amused.”

I hear that if you give mathematicians a couple of beers, you can convince them that the Earth is only 5,000 years old. I’m not joking: please try it on your local math teacher!

This is important news: there’s finally empirical evidence that our galaxy, the proud Milky Way, has a white creamy coconut center and a soft crunchy chocolate crust, that melts in the mouth, not in your hands. Or as astronomers would say, a black hole in its center. I may have mentioned this a couple of years ago, but this black hole story is actually old news, I mean astronomers were already convinced that our galaxy had a black hole in its center. Obviously, it took many years to collect the evidence for this. Additionally, witness the smartness of the Slashdot crowd:

When i heard that there were black holes in other galaxies, i was fine with that, since they are so far away. But now i hear there is one in OUR galaxy? That’s kinda scary, since its so close to us!

Oh: this Hubble telescope that they launched in the 80s, yes? It still seems to be hitting the news: this time, astronomers managed to find CO2 in the atmosphere of a planet circling around a star, what, 65 million light-years away.

And hanging around the Discovery site: Did you know that 2008 will get one extra second? I remember this happened years ago too, which is exactly the reason why I tend to be at work 2 seconds later than normal. Who else can I blame for this?

Update 1: Weird The Onion picture about science.

Update 2: Related: Astronomers dissect a black hole with. What?

Space: the 13 billion light years frontier

The most interesting (scientific) news was that a team of astronomers discovered the most distant galaxy, which is 12-point-something billion lightyears away from us. This is interesting, because obviously, that particular galaxy is one of the first ones created after the Big Bang (which started 13.7 billion years ago).

I briefly watched TV today and saw that Daily Planet (a show I hardly watch for no particular reason other than that I generally don’t watch TV) covered the recent Montreal college shooting, which took me be surprise. I always understood that these shows were pre-recorded. Obviously they aren’t.

Talking about Daily Planet; They just published an article saying that Titan (the Saturn moon) could have snowfall.

And then Pluto’s downfall continues going down deep: the Planet formerly known as Pluto has been given the official name of ‘134340 Pluto’. Tragically, the ‘dwarf’ planet that was the cause of Pluto’s demotion, 2003 UBI313, has officially given the name of Eris (or see Wikipedia).