Space: the 13 billion light years frontier

The most interesting (scientific) news was that a team of astronomers discovered the most distant galaxy, which is 12-point-something billion lightyears away from us. This is interesting, because obviously, that particular galaxy is one of the first ones created after the Big Bang (which started 13.7 billion years ago).

I briefly watched TV today and saw that Daily Planet (a show I hardly watch for no particular reason other than that I generally don’t watch TV) covered the recent Montreal college shooting, which took me be surprise. I always understood that these shows were pre-recorded. Obviously they aren’t.

Talking about Daily Planet; They just published an article saying that Titan (the Saturn moon) could have snowfall.

And then Pluto’s downfall continues going down deep: the Planet formerly known as Pluto has been given the official name of ‘134340 Pluto’. Tragically, the ‘dwarf’ planet that was the cause of Pluto’s demotion, 2003 UBI313, has officially given the name of Eris (or see Wikipedia).

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