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Temporal timelines

Some off the record remarks:

  • There’s an obvious correlation between the price of gas, the amounts of snow and distance from sea. There’s a special place in hell (or heaven, depending on your particular religous beliefs) for people who discover that correlation too, I believe.
  • I have heard the remarks about the upcoming WordPress 2.5 release, and I’m proud to announce that AHCommentCentral is compatible. But then, that’s what you may have already figured out too.
  • Via Kottke, I found this absolutely hilarious ‘International Association of Time Travelers: Members’ Forum Subforum: Europe – Twentieth Century – Second World War’, written by Desmond Warzel. I’m going to make a bold prediction here: in the next 10 years, writing IRC-style is going to be extremely fashionable. I can’t wait for the first Martin Amis book in this style.
  • Talking about early and upcoming releases, Reuters reports that Firefox 3’s release is imminent. Uh:
    “Mozilla is in a battle with Microsoft, which unveiled an experimental version of its Internet Explorer 8 in Las Vegas earlier this month and is looking to expand its presence on the Web through its bid to acquire Yahoo Inc.”
    Oh. OK. I see, that’s all the Tech news condensed in one paragraph.
  • And yes, a boomerang returns all the time, even in space.

Your watermark file is b0rken

My wife noticed weird entries in the apache logs which seem to imply that there’s a cross-site security problem in a file called ‘watermark.php’. The thing is, that I have no idea which software package includes that file but it is not part of WordPress. If you’re familiar with that file, please notify the developers.

So, once again Mashable has a link to CommentCentral and I only noticed this, what, half a month after the fact? That’s pretty telling. Talking about CommentCentral, I’m considering a minor update after the WP 2.3 release.

I was watching ‘Starship Troopers’ a couple of hours ago (actually, only a couple of fragments) and keep getting surprised how good it is. I mentioned the movie a couple of years ago, explaining the basic premise of the storyline. If you come across it at your local DVD reseller, you really should consider getting it: I predict that within 10 years, this movie will achieve the same kind of cult-status that ‘Blade Runner’ has.


Earlier, It's an active one!I uploaded ‘AHCommentCentral’, which is a plug-in that is supposed to help closing/opening comments and ping/trackbacks in your post sections. For now, you’ll find the initial release right over here. That is, for the daring people who experiment. It’s GPL-ed too, which is (only) natural for ‘non-compilable’ sources1.

I left out certain options (you’ll find references to them in the sources): the ‘auto close feature’ (see PrintAutoForm) and the Post Exceptions list (see call to get_options to retrieve data from the ‘ahi_cc_excluded_posts’ options field). In earlier versions, I actually had that ‘auto-close feature’ working, but I decided against adding it to the initial code.

There are couple of things I don’t like about creating WordPress plugins: Designing screens is obnoxious. Here’s a tip for you lazy programmers: grab the ‘wp-admin.css’ file dump it in a directory and then install NVU. Yes, NVU is buggy like crazy, but proofed to be quite the help while racing through all these HTML form elements (A couple of years I was thinking about creating a form-designer). We need XFORMS. Direly.

Another thing that is annoying (when creating these plug-ins) is that the current plug-in structure forces you to start globalizing’ certain variables. I won’t do a rant about globals. There are plenty of them. Global variables kill cats. Somehow, PHP forces programmers to write bad code. You know, poetry is one thing, but comparing PHP code with written literature is a joke. It’s like giving a kid 2 notes (A and B minor) and tell him or her to write 80 melody lines out of those notes. The problem is not in creating 80 of ‘em. The problem is that the eighty tunes will always sound alike. But OK, I admit: PHP is not as bad as ASP (which is just a fancy name for Visual Basic for Applications [cough] and servers!).

As for the name: I think I was watching Comedy Central the other day and the name got stuck somehow in the nether regions of my brain. I considered renaming it to something absurd like, ‘W10x’ (which you pronounce as ‘What The Funk’) or better yet, ‘W09y’ (you pronounce that as that typical Eigthties greeting ‘See You Later, Aligator’). I’m actually dreaming of an ‘EP01BF’, which is the abbreviation for Peanut Buster Parfait. OK. Comment Central.

1 What’s the point of releasing ‘closed sourced’ PHP applications? [that’s a joke]

UPDATE: I just updated the plug-in.
UPDATE#2: Older versions of WordPress