Temporal timelines

Some off the record remarks:

  • There’s an obvious correlation between the price of gas, the amounts of snow and distance from sea. There’s a special place in hell (or heaven, depending on your particular religous beliefs) for people who discover that correlation too, I believe.
  • I have heard the remarks about the upcoming WordPress 2.5 release, and I’m proud to announce that AHCommentCentral is compatible. But then, that’s what you may have already figured out too.
  • Via Kottke, I found this absolutely hilarious ‘International Association of Time Travelers: Members’ Forum Subforum: Europe – Twentieth Century – Second World War’, written by Desmond Warzel. I’m going to make a bold prediction here: in the next 10 years, writing IRC-style is going to be extremely fashionable. I can’t wait for the first Martin Amis book in this style.
  • Talking about early and upcoming releases, Reuters reports that Firefox 3’s release is imminent. Uh:
    “Mozilla is in a battle with Microsoft, which unveiled an experimental version of its Internet Explorer 8 in Las Vegas earlier this month and is looking to expand its presence on the Web through its bid to acquire Yahoo Inc.”
    Oh. OK. I see, that’s all the Tech news condensed in one paragraph.
  • And yes, a boomerang returns all the time, even in space.
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  1. Marian says:

    I liked the time travellers forum.

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