Your watermark file is b0rken

My wife noticed weird entries in the apache logs which seem to imply that there’s a cross-site security problem in a file called ‘watermark.php’. The thing is, that I have no idea which software package includes that file but it is not part of WordPress. If you’re familiar with that file, please notify the developers.

So, once again Mashable has a link to CommentCentral and I only noticed this, what, half a month after the fact? That’s pretty telling. Talking about CommentCentral, I’m considering a minor update after the WP 2.3 release.

I was watching ‘Starship Troopers’ a couple of hours ago (actually, only a couple of fragments) and keep getting surprised how good it is. I mentioned the movie a couple of years ago, explaining the basic premise of the storyline. If you come across it at your local DVD reseller, you really should consider getting it: I predict that within 10 years, this movie will achieve the same kind of cult-status that ‘Blade Runner’ has.

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