Riddick and that

Added a couple of movies to the collection: Both Riddicks (‘Pitch Black’ and ‘The Chronicles’) and ‘The Butterfly effect’. The latter one had interesting commentary about Chaos theory from different point of views: from physics, psychology and psychiatry. Alfons should be able to tell more about what the Butterfly effect is. It has definately nothing to do with the literal aspect of the wing movement: it’s merely a metaphor, as in tiny changes to the past can have dramatic consequences. Which was shown correctly in the movie.

The last Riddick movie had an extra too: a ‘playable demo’ of the XBOX game! Um. Not so much of a demo: purportedly it said you were able to play a level, but I’m pretty sure it’s *less* than that.

I always find first person shooter games hard to play with a controller. And I wonder if the game uses the (latest) Doom 3 engine.

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