Freezing fog

Alan (proprietor of GenX40) has some pretty pictures of freezing fog (or freezing mist) (Wikipedia link goes here). Rather here is a short description.

Freezing fog reminds me the other natural event, ‘freezing rain’. I’m mentioning these two altogether, because before I moved to Nova Scotia, I was not familiar with freezing rain. Sure, in Holland we have snow (and I remember lots of snow too). We do have hail, ranging from big hail storms to the local brief hail showers. But the first time I ever heard and saw freezing rain, imagine how confused and excited I was. It rains, it freezes upon impact and it’s definitely not hail. In the last couple of years I’ve heard of the problems freezing rain causes, particularly last year in New Brunswick. It’s a weid phenomen for me, something I can easily explain with plain physics but not in plain Dutch. ‘Vriezende regen’? ‘Regenvries’?

Either way, I guess that’s why it’s called ‘freezing rain’ in English. I already envy Alan for having Mother Nature treating him with ‘freezing fog’.

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  1. Arthur says:

    IJzel comes close, but isn’t that the stage when water freezes after a rainstorm?

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