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So once in a while, this blog acts as my right-side brain part. I’ve mentioned Eudora plenty of times on this blog and back in 2006, I reported on the ‘open-sourcing’ of this Grande Olde Dame of e-mailing (Oct 11th, 2006 and June 24th, 2007 and Sept. 5th, 2007). Technically, Eudora OSE (as it’s formally called) is anything but Eudora: it’s more or less a ‘reimaging’ of Thunderbird (the Mozilla mailer), that is, with Eudora-style icons and graphics and some of the distinguishing features.

And to be honest, it smells and feels like Thunderbird: gone are Eudora’s excellent MDI interface, filtering methods and grouping of mailboxes. I’m not sure what the point was of the announcement of ‘Eudora going open-source’: it hasn’t really because some portions of the Eudora contained propriety code. Eudora (the actual client) is still available however and apparently, if you want to use it, you can find/get the appropriate (legal?) registration codes right from the Interwebs.

Should you care about mail clients these days? Since everybody is using on-line mail services these days, you might think there’s no point of using external mailers. On the other hand, a mail client would offer the possibility of making your own backups of your (own) e-mails and have them handy at your own perusal.

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