I‘m both mixed pleased and skeptic about the Qualcomm’s decision to open source that legendary e-mailer Eudora. I have no problems with the open-sourcing part, but more or less with the plans to use Thunderbird as the base for the (new) open source version of Eudora (Mozilla’s announcement).

I’m pretty sure that the very first e-mailer I used was Eudora Light and that must have been around the end of 1994 and the start of 1995. Yeah: that’s that long ago. Eudora at that time was called postcardware and long time users will probably remember the following text:

Eudora Light is postcardware!

I moved and lived on Eudora for years, up to 2000, when I decided to move my data to a relatively unknown branch of open source mailer Phoenix Mail (maintained by mr. Ruder). The rest is (relatively said) history: I hardly use my e-mailer nowadays nor do I actively check my e-mails. I guess, that’s not because of the loads of spam that come in everyday: it’s also because I don’t think it’s necessary to reply each (well-intended) e-mail.

If you didn’t hear from me a month ago, hi to you again.