What, Eudora?

I downloaded the first Thunderbird-based Eudora version from Mozilla, after reading about this on Slashdot. Extra caution, if you were ever used to using Eudora in the golden days of Internet: it doesn’t even slightly resemble anything you’ve seen before. Before you even tried it, you may want to read this article at Linux.com first:

“This project is being implemented with no source code from the previous versions of Eudora. The original Eudora source code contains some proprietary portions from third parties that we are unable to distribute under open source. So there is no easy way to ‘move’ features from Classic Eudora to the new Eudora/Penelope. All changes have to be reimplemented.”

I was loud up wondering why the original sources of Eudora were never released, so now we all know. I think this is a shame: what I’ve seen thusfar in the Penelope project looks like a pile of load. It’s so bad I couldn’t be bothered to even make a screenshot. I hope the project admins have a clear idea where Eudora should be going: if not, good luck. For now, you’re probably better off with Thunderbird or any other open-source e-mailer you find on SourceForge.

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