Haute hyperedroit

I saw ‘Religulous’ (imdb) the other day, which I thought was entertaining but awkward. I like Maher’s ‘Real Time’ show and I think his work is generally funny, but he’s definitely no Michael Moore. If you plan to watch it, you can apparently now also find the movie online.

If you want to get rid of hardware, make sure that you physically destroy the hard-drive or just use the right tools to do this (earlier on xsamplex), by using DBAN for example. Since data can stay so persistent on harddrives, maybe harddrives makers should consider adding a ‘kill switch’ which will destroy a harddrive in an instant.

Back in December 08, IpodNN featured an iPod Touch clone, which was apparently on sale in Canada. I’m all for competition, but looking at the picture/screenshot, I wonder why the device’s internal camera is called the ‘PC Camera’? I find that an unfortunate name.

And oh, yeah: the price of gas just went up and now might be a good time to send a team of explorers to Saturn’s moon Titan. Maybe one of the US carmakers should start investing in space technology. I see a bright future for Ford Warp-Drives that come in one colour. Black.

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