Nemesis of the 3rd kind

The Windows Vista Nemesis III, First stagesounds remind me of several sound effects of a game (Konami’s Nemesis III) I used to play on an MSX-2, a whole long time ago. Compared to the other games in that series, this episode was actually one of the ‘easier’ ones, and I finished that game. Like the other Nemesis games, it had a weird storyline but with one fun surprise: In the time travel stage the player ‘travels’ backwards and has to beat various boss monsters from the previous episodes, complete with the original sound effects.

Naturally, somebody was so kind to complete the game and post the results on YouTube:

At one time I was considering replaying some of the Nemesis games, particularly Salamander. I briefly mentioned this in 2005 but my feeble attempts ran amuck because I found out that playing these games was too hard using today’s analog controllers. The widely popular (in the Eighties that is) digital controllers produce that typical ‘clicking’ sound which helps when counting ‘the number of options’ or even, the number of ‘clicks’ one had to make to get to safety during a boss monster fight.

Without a doubt: the Nemesis (or Gradius) games were the finest 8-bit games made by Konami.

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