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This weekend, I was surprised to see that Google Maps now also shows photos shot at locations (example): these photos are coming from a new service from Google, Panoramio. The site is very beta-ish, but seeing Google’s weight behind this, I fear for Yahoo!’s FlickR future (Note: Microsoft is still working on a photo site like this, but obviously has this ace (More on PhotoSynth) in the hand).

For no particular reason, I ended up watching a whole bunch of videos about ‘cats and treadmills’. You would almost say it’s the latest craze: throw your cat on a treadmill, tape it, mix it with annoying music and upload it to YouTube.

Also, I watched a couple of clips of ‘That Hillary Show’, a parody done by comedian Rosemary Watson: it’s actually excellent, that is, for amateur video. Not something I’d watch for hours, though, and that only because this kind of political satire wears off really fast. I hope miss Watson finds an agent and that she keeps looking for new things to make fun off.

Which brings me to the last checked item on my list: This comic should look familiar if you’re a Monty Python fan (see here for full scene).

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