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Find what

This weekend, I was surprised to see that Google Maps now also shows photos shot at locations (example): these photos are coming from a new service from Google, Panoramio. The site is very beta-ish, but seeing Google’s weight behind this, I fear for Yahoo!’s FlickR future (Note: Microsoft is still working on a photo site like this, but obviously has this ace (More on PhotoSynth) in the hand).

For no particular reason, I ended up watching a whole bunch of videos about ‘cats and treadmills’. You would almost say it’s the latest craze: throw your cat on a treadmill, tape it, mix it with annoying music and upload it to YouTube.

Also, I watched a couple of clips of ‘That Hillary Show’, a parody done by comedian Rosemary Watson: it’s actually excellent, that is, for amateur video. Not something I’d watch for hours, though, and that only because this kind of political satire wears off really fast. I hope miss Watson finds an agent and that she keeps looking for new things to make fun off.

Which brings me to the last checked item on my list: This comic should look familiar if you’re a Monty Python fan (see here for full scene).

Rambo vs. Norris

The more I watch the US primaries, the absurder it gets. You’re probably familiar with the fact that Chuck ‘I’m on the Internet too’ Norris is a supporter of Huckabee (actually, the other day, even the local paper published a photo of them). But hey: Sylvester Stallone supports John McCain! It’s like, uh, the return of bad 80s movies where, uh, good is good and bad is evil. USA! USA! USA!

It’s not that the Democrats are doing better either: Earlier this week Obama and Clinton, well, you have to see it for yourself. Can you say messy? I must say that I think that Bill Clinton lost a lot of credibility the last couple of weeks.

And last but not least, I read the parts about the US’s economic stimulus package too: it mentioned sending people cheques (600 dollars per adult, I believe) and I thought by myself that this was just another short-term solution to keep the US economy afloat until the elections. The problem, of course, is much more complex.