Oh, wait.

You cba-button4thumbnail.jpgmay have noticed that the Canadian Blog Awards have started: the first voting round is open until January 21st. Xsamplex has been nominated in the Tech category: If you want to vote for me, go ahead. Last year, we ended up at a respectable 4th position (I think. No maybe we just didn’t. I don’t remember. No comment. I need to call my lawyer). Yo, what happened to Amber (actual link to website goes here)?

That said, I hope you consider voting on Alan’s blog (Category: Personal Blog), The Internationalist (Category: Local Blog) and TopLeftPixel (Category: Photo/Art). And if you really don’t feel like voting for xsamplex, you can vote for Eastern Blot. I can’t speak for the other categories so if you have extra time and feel like exploring some (good) Canadian blogs, go ahead. For now, congratulations to all nominees for making it on the shortlist.

You may have noticed that this year’s voting process has changed: the polling software tracks votes per IP address, meaning that your loved one (who might be on WiFi) can’t (officially) vote. I fear a revolution is brewing. The other thing I thought was curious is, that it appears that the previous award years seem to have disappeared from the Interweb. I think this is a conspiracy.

Previously on xsamplex (CBA 2006): 16.What, Quelle Surprise, There , Sidenotes, Not even tech and Dump, snow. The best quote of the 2006 awards comes from a user called ‘alfons’ who singlehandedly reduced my chances of becoming president of Votingstan:

I’ll vote for giggling Amber.

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6 Responses to Oh, wait.

  1. alfons says:

    I like Northern Exposure.

  2. alfons says:

    Amber has a little hmm. meh. meh. meh. hmmmm.
    Yes she has a little meh. hm. hm. hm. hm. hmnn.
    And she still has a little huh. hmm. huh. hmmn.
    But when she’s a pro she gets a bigger mac.

  3. Arthur says:


    Are you out of synch or what?

  4. Arthur says:

    Out of synch is the new ‘out of your mind’ for the Internet generation!

  5. alfons says:

    I’m clogging all NAT tables of the Internets routers.

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