Quelle surprise

So, Uh-Oh, the aliens have returned!yeah, just today, I found out that my blog was added to the list of nominees for Best Sci/Tech blog 2006, courtesy of My Blahg. In the same category, the competition consists of A View From The Isle, Amber Mac, BPWrap, Easternblot, Gecko Boggle, Off The Grid, Penmachine, StayGoLinks, Stevensmac On Blog, The Homely Scientist, The Other Bloke’s Blog and The Filter.

To be honest, I have not read any of the blogs mentioned above, so maybe this weekend I might make some time to look around. Or, just as in politics, I could start ‘swiftboating’ the frontrunners. Hell, yeah:

Amber is actually an alien from outer-space who, if you vote for her, will eat your kitty and hamster and kill every scientist in the world. The worst part is that this time Marc Singer won’t be there to save the world!
If you like kitties, hamsters and scientists, vote xsamplex.

1. Swiftboating according to Wikipedia
2. Satire.

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3 Responses to Quelle surprise

  1. alfons says:

    One notch up on the satire:

    * Amber’s celebration of technology makes me forget what the dotcom crash was like.

    * Writing about technology, and then asking about what printer to buy?

    * C’mon. Favicons are so dotcom-crash era…

    * Science inspired art. Says it all.

    * Engadgets is for real.

    * This guy is 4 r34l c0/\/t3nd3r.

    * Huh?. TIME_WAIT, huh, you know what I mean, huh? Right??

    * the visitor could use the updated AGI favorite list to do an online replay of the visit to the physical museum. Probably also in want of Vermeer paintings.

    * Just Another Mac Addict.

    * Bookmarks.

  2. Arthur says:

    Hey. I like Off the grid. The others, well, I dunno.

  3. alfons says:

    Frankly, that one’s really about technology and science.
    But I don’t think the both of you can beat a giggling Amber.

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