Not even tech

A couple of notes: The first link that I ran into this morning was a bookmark at Digg with the title ‘This is what happens when you let developers create UI’ (actual blogpost). I have a problem with the ‘insinuation that developers suck at design’. That sir, is indeed a bad example of overkill by a beginning and aspiring programmer (using Visual Basic in this case). The original developer acknowledges this on his webpage. As for wget, it’s the last application in the world that needs a user-interface: it’s too powerful to even contain in a simple dialog. A good and experienced developer would have left wget alone.

Bethesda is about to release ‘Star Trek: Legacy’, a game that promises ‘an epic game of Starfleet combat spanning the entire Star Trek universe’. Hey, isn’t that the same wording that was used on the box of ‘Star Wars: Empire at War’?

A subsidiary of Logitech has made a new type of mouse in association with Google. From the imagery I can only tell that it’s perfect for use in 3D environments. In three years, Logitech will come up with a mouse in the shape of a beer bottle.

Earlier I was going to make the call and predict the winner in one of the categories of the CBA 2006 competition: In the Photo category, it looked like ‘Walk This Way’ was going to be the winner. This morning however, the odds seem to have changed as sudden as a cold spell that arrives in Nova Scotia. The Photo category currently is the only category where the number 1, 2 and 3 all have chance to win the race. Good luck to the ones competing in that category. We still have a day to go.

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