So, All browsers together you didn’t hear it here first (MetaFilter, Slashdot and Digg links) and to be honest, it caught me a bit by surprise. I’ve mentioned WebKit here before so, I’m not sure why Apple decided to bring the ‘iTunes experience’ to Windows (quoted from Slashdot).

That means that if you have the room (and memory on your computer), you can finally run 4 different browsers at the same time. There are some slight annoyances in the ‘Safari’ approach: some fonts render ‘too bold’. Reading can be quite a task, particular with websites that use Verdana (for a good example use Safari and open up the MetaFilter website: notice how IE renders that site almost the same). If you look at the screenshot, Opera and Firefox render fonts with a lot less weight, making webpages a lot easier to read, or rather, giving webpages a lot more ‘consistent look’.

On the overall, having another browser for Windows is a good step: first, Safari shows that the K-Developers did some good stuff with their (portable) KHTML component. Secondly, if you’re a web developer, you can finally find out what your site looks like in Safari.

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