A Browser Tale

I see that Browser historyMicrosoft released the second beta of IE 7, this time open for the public. Many others have commented on the release: some extremely pleased (‘RSS Platform’), others received the news with plenty of skepticism. I’m not impressed, for the simple matter that I do not believe that IE 7.0 is an actual upgrade if compared to Gecko, KHTML or the Opera engine (all three renderers have been rewritten from scratch to accommodate new CSS/HTML/XHTML standards).

The day that Microsoft decides to rewrite the engine might be the big day, but as far as it looks now, IE 7.0 is still a patched up Mosaic browser that was taught to do CSS tricks because it became the next rage after HTML 3.0 died.

Anyways, I took the freedom to put together a map (timeline) of browser. If I forgot things or facts, please fill me in.

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