A Dutch “Go”

I see that Cabinetthe Dutch parliament voted ‘Yes’ for a mission to Afghanistan, a vote that made it in this mornings CBC’s ‘Morning news’ (Oh, we did have a dumping of snow yesterday too, but we managed as usual). According to the CBC, polls revealed that around 60 (or 80, I can’t remember) percent of the Dutch were against such a mission. Obviously, the CBC reporter added, The Netherlands still haven’t forgotten about the Bosnia debacle. I bet the blogosphere is crowing this as another win in the fight against Terrorism. More here (Dutch only, sorry).

I’m not sure where CBC got the poll numbers from though: I read that the Dutch coalition partners mentioned that there was obviously a ‘broad consensus for the mission’ (hence the go-ahead). If any Dutch citizen could point to numbers, please do so in the comments.

Local stuff: It is Groundhog Day today and local critter cq. groundhog ‘Shubenacedie Sam’ predicted that Spring is just around the corner. You don’t have those kind of things in Europe, do you?