I followed A Plane and a sunthe events yesterday, when the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform had Valerie Plame on the witness stand who, under oath, told the public her side of the story (QT7). I flipped forth and back between opinions of Democratic, Republican bloggers and what not. I can only conclude that this country, a country with so many divisive opinions, is so frigging screwed up. The Internet, it’s almost like a catalyst for political polarization, semantics wars and twits1.

A couple of days ago, Stephen Colbert had Ayaan Hirsh Ali on his show (QT7). It ended up to be a less remarkable interview (I dare to say ‘boring’).

On a lighter side, UK climate researchers urge for more restraint on global warming issues and warn against the danger of ‘Hollywoodization’. Actually, the only reason why I link to that BBC article is because it has this amazing shot of a plane and the sun (see above).

1 I was quoting Larry Johnson’s remark about mrs. Toensing

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