What’s in your flue?

I hate mentioning commercials, but (once again), Capital One’s latest commercials beat the other ones. Earlier, the company was quite successful with their ‘Hand in the pocket’ advertisements. It looks like their ‘exterminator’ ads will be equally as successful: you can view the ads right here. This reminds me that I’ve had some bad experience with people trying to sell me that very same card. If people generally give me a bad time, I will never consider the product they try to sell.

So, I hear that the Dutch government is considering a ban of seal fur coming from Canada. This is old news. However, it may come to a surprise that pro-seal hunt are now targeting the Dutch anti-seal hunt protesters. I’m not kidding:

“The counter-protesters in The Hague — a delegation of two Inuit Canadians and a Newfoundlander dressed in full seal-skin regalia1 — plan to confront the protesters, and then head to the Dutch parliament to present a petition from Canadians arguing the law banning seal product imports should not go into force.”

What can I say?

Earlier, the Atlantic Lottery came out with a report that says that sellers of lottery tickets have been winning larger prizes 10 times higher than their statistical odds. Think of it next time when you cash your ticket and somebody else rings it in and claims you didn’t win. That is if you (of course) beat the actual odds of winning a large prize. If you read the fine print on your ticket, think of this paragraph.

Via Kottke, I found about this movie (Sunshine) where a team of brave souls are trying to save our world by “repairing” the Sun, which apparently is ready to collapse into a black hole. Or something like that. Don’t you just love disaster movies?

And to answer that question in the title: it was a starling. It’s dead, Jim.

1 For some kind of reason I keep thinking that this could be a great start for a joke…

update: OK then, I’ll try:
A delegation of two Inuit Canadians and a Newfoundlander dressed in full seal-skin regalia make it to Europe. During one of the anti-anti-seal-hunt demonstrations, the Newfoundlander turns to one of the Inuit and says:
– “Do I look stupid in this seal-skin?”
Says the Inuit:
“Well, to be honest, it depends on the angle we look at it.”

04/06/07: Canadians snubbed by Dutch MPs.

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