Not another groundhog day

This is the future speaking: Shubenacadie Sam predicted that Spring will come early this year. Live from the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park. Oh wait, they don’t do frequent updates I guess. Their loss. Cuteness at the local newspaper’s website.

The premier of NS officially announced that Halifax is going to host the 2011 Winter Games, which means that the Central Nova bid (Truro and environs [Hub Nova]) did not make it. Subtle twist to the plot is that most likely Wentworth is going to host the specific skiing games: I think the winter sport town also played an important part of Hub Nova’s bid.

David Suzuki was in town and I wouldn’t be surprised if his visit to the local school attracted lots of traffic and lots of buzz. A tiny fragment of this news can (once again) be found at the CBCs.

And don’t miss the endless re-runs of ‘Groundhog day’. I bet it will be on too many channels1, 2.

1 Actually, I might be wrong today. Good god. That movie should be forbidden stuff.
2 Since it has been years ago I watched this movie, I should consider renting it one of these days.

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5 Responses to Not another groundhog day

  1. Marian says:

    GHD is my favourite movie, actually. I’d say it’s Bill Murray at his best. It’s even interesting from a philosophical perspective: Nietzsche’s eternal return. No accounting for taste I guess.

  2. Arthur says:

    I think the concept of the movie is brilliant1 (time travelling): I was astonished when I saw it the first time. However, I cannot get myself to watch it again. Ever.

    Well, maybe in another 10 years or so.

    1 OK: brilliant is a bit too much…

  3. Marian says:

    Um, there’s time travel in Groundhog Day? Are we talking about the same movie?

  4. Arthur says:

    Um, there’s time travel in Groundhog Day? Are we talking about the same movie?

    Isn’t reliving the same day over and over again the same as time travelling?1

    1 Maybe I look at it too much the scientific way.

  5. alfons says:

    Pretty hilarious movie. Don’t know either about the trime travelling though.

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