Slashdot and then that

Today, I noticed that the much linked-to and (generally) well-liked ‘Slashdot Subculture’ Wikipedia page was deleted: the page now redirects to the more generic Slashdot page (as you can tell from clicking this link). I’m not the first person to notice: there’s an ample conversation going on about this on this older post at Digg. A complete breakdown of the Wikipedia deletion votes only seems to suggest that the page was deleted because it didn’t look ‘encyclopedian’ enough. The good thing is that the deleted page can still be seen over at (right here). It’s not that I think it’s a good article: however, it’s a pretty good breakdown of running jokes and typical ‘geek talk’ at everyone’s favourite public forum, Slashdot.

I went back through pages of Slashdot stories and ran into the following one: ‘Why does everybody hate Microsoft?’. This brought me to Chris Pirillo, who for only 1 million dollar (US) is willing to market Windows Vista. Didn’t Microsoft just hire Jon Udell for much less (much less, I believe) to do practically the same?

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