Assorted thoughts (III)

My last installment of thoughts about my forth-and-back travels a week ago (earlier musings):

  • The grassSmile, you're on TV! was magnificent green in The Netherlands, which took me by surprise. Frost had not arrived yet.
  • Canadians should take over the idea of garbage bins for doggy poops. I think I’ve mentioned this before.
  • I considered taking up smoking again. At the end, I decided against it.
  • I was surprised to see the majority of family members smoking cigarettes, something I thought was quite ironic.
  • I did get a recipe to make tempeh, but so far, I have not found any (dry) soybeans in local stores. And yes, deepfried fermented soybeans stuff is pretty good. Hey, bread wouldn’t be bread without yeast…
  • ‘Plastic fantastic’ is actually a good lens.
  • I may have eaten my last Indonesian dish in The Netherlands. That is, unless the mister from the Indonesian import stuff (who I met last Friday in Sobeys) manages to convince earlier mentioned grocery store to keep carrying some Indonesian food mixes.
  • I did not watch TV in The Netherlands. OK, for less than half an hour.
  • Nowadays, subtitles confuse me.
  • In Dutch restaurants, coffee is still poured in little bite-sized cups and there’s no second refill, at all.
  • Railway stations charge 50 Euro cents for a washroom visit. You may just as well hold it up, jump in a train and do it for free (most washrooms on railway stations are coin-operated).
  • For over an hour, while waiting for Alfons, I was watching people during a stopover at Amersfoort railway station.
  • I don’t mind dining in an American Cuisine Restaurant.
  • Dutch humour is generally quite rude.
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