I can do this too…

Yes, so I needed to get into an older site and I forgot the password, because, well, back in 2000, I used an FTP program (FTP Explorer) that (at that time) was pretty popular. So, late last year, I was transferring data from the oldest laptop (Proteus) which had a copy of that FTP program. Before wiping the drive (refurbish, refurbish!), I was smart enough to preserve the FTP program’s registry entries and save them for future reference, hoping I might be able to break the algorithm one day.

Not shortly after, I ran into some code that purportedly showed the algorithm to decrypt the FTP program’s entries and passwords, however, completely written in Perl (link to Google cache). Luckily, I have no problems understanding Perl and it only took a couple of minutes to rewrite it in C#.

So, there you have it: the C# sources you can find right here. Coding was done in SharpDevelop. Note that you need to compile and build the executable yourself and if you want, you can probably rewrite it in your other favourite programming language. Whatever.

That said, it was fun while it lasted. Ta-daa old website.

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