Assorted thoughts (II)

More random picks from the grey matter cabinet (earlier picks):

  • Great Britain is Mailboxes Incorporated. culturally more diverse than The Netherlands. However, for some kind of reason, all British people love going to The Netherlands, or rather, Amsterdam.
  • Much to my surprise, I found out that you can ‘rent’ bikes in Amsterdam. I always thought bike rental projects in the Netherlands failed because it is actually easier to ‘borrow’ one.
  • Dutch public transportation is perfect for quick round-trips.
  • Life is generally expensive in The Netherlands. That said, you are still allowed to smoke in restaurants and bars.
  • Dutch people spend too much money on fireworks.
  • Hard-cover guitar cases go on the ‘outsize luggage’ trolley (Heathrow, Amsterdam Airport). Guitar cases never make it on the (luggage) conveyor belt, except for at Halifax airport. If you arrive at earlier mentioned airports (Heathrow/Amsterdam), keep an eye on the conveyor belt guys loading off the outsize luggage. You can’t miss them if they carry your guitar case.
  • The Air Canada check-in counters at Heathrow Airport are at Terminal 3, zone D. Prepare for a long walk. If you have to go through customs clearance first: after passport check, go through and past ‘Arrivals’, turn left and take the Heathrow Express to Terminal 1, 2 & 3. The Heathrow Express is free.
  • Both KLM and Air Canada use Electronic systems to print your boarding pass. You need to do this first before you can go check-in. This system works pretty good: before you start, you have a choice of 3 methods to get your boarding pass for the next flight (flight number, reservation number [e-ticket] or passport). The fact that these computer systems use passports to find your reservation should (at least) make you think.
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