Yo, what happened to that sound?

Via e-mail I received a question about the Toshiba P100-SD3 and sound problems on Debian/Ubuntu: I decided to run Knoppix 5.1 [I’m still not sure about which version that is, but it’s the latest for sure] and see what goes on.

Apparently, I never did the sound test: during a clean boot, sound was ‘richly not available’, or as we say, ‘not exactly there’. To get it to work (again), I had to go back to ‘alsaconf’, have it properly detect [and install] the Intel HDA sound driver. You probably should run your mixer up again (since the process will be killed during the detection stage): ‘kmix’ (for KDE).

update: I wonder if the issues I had, have to do with the fact that Knoppix has issues with correctly loading the APIC driver(s). I literally, have to use ‘noapic’ during booting, which at the end appears to be ‘unloading’ the Intel HDA driver. The good news is that the (existing) driver should work with the Toshiba’s Audio card.

Running: Linux version 2.6.17 / (Debian 4.0.3-3)

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