Notably. Really.

We had our first snow today, a whopping 2 cms. or so. It surprised the dog too, yes.

Earlier this week, while playing a couple of mp3s I discovered that today’s MP3 players generally don’t work for me. I can’t get used to Windows Media Player, for example: it’s clumsly and bloated. Fair enough: for one of the BBC (video) reports I needed RealPlayer, hence why I decided to download it (once) again. While I find the interface a lot cleaner, I honestly think RealPlayer (nee Helix player) makes a serious contender for the ‘Another obnoxious mediaplayer’ prize, in the category of ‘Me Too™’. For example, RealPlayer has no real random play feature1, however, it has an option to ‘sort the playlist randomly’. No really. It’s almost like that Real Situation when a teacher calls you to the blackboard and you refuse to do so because you don’t Really feel like it. Wait, that’s for Real. That random play feature in RealPlayer is not2.

Maybe I just need a command-line mediaplayer. I’m sure they exist too3.

1 Writing a good randomizer is computer science.
2 ‘Real’ puns not intended.
3 OK. Then.

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