Not my mail

Every couple of weeks, I check the Mother of all Email accounts to discover that all these hundreds of e-mails in that inbox are all just spam. It makes no sense. The more spam, the less I check that e-mail account. Get it?

You may have noticed this, but it appears that the Democrats had a great election this year. And for the first time in US history, a woman will become Speaker of the House. You know, I could link to a US news source, but for the sake of objectivity, I decide to throw in a randomizer which ended up giving me this link: an editorial from a Pakistani newspaper.

There’s a minor thread at Metafilter about Lynch’s latest movie, ‘Inland Empire’. Who knows what it is about1. But hey, if the NYT says it’s fitfully brilliant, it must be a hallucinatory movie. That said, if you think about all the other crap that was launched by Hollywood recently, ‘Inland Empire’ could only do better.

1 Earlier about ‘Inland Empire’ (wikipedia).

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