Dark. Huh?

I read Dark Is The New Light.that there was a major power outage (Dutch) in the southern portion of The Netherlands. Nu.nl has some weird pictures with the ‘Fair’ of Eindhoven just milling about like if there was no power outage. Obviously some people use generators. My advice in case the power goes out: just go to bed.

Excellent pictures of more demonstrations at Alfons’.

Big news: Earlier Paul “SuperWindowsSite” Thurrott criticized Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 development, meaning to say that there’s no real progress and that it looks like that the newest version might not even completely support any of the webstandards. Firefox and Opera are still topping the list. Earlier I said the following of the ‘imminent release of IE 7 Beta 1′:

I’m not impressed, for the simple matter that I do not believe that IE 7.0 is an actual upgrade if compared to Gecko, KHTML or the Opera engine (all three renderers have been rewritten from scratch to accommodate new CSS/HTML/XHTML standards).

Toshiba P100 SD3Somebody should tell Microsoft to rewrite IE. And open source the current codebase. For one browser it meant the start of a new life. Oh and the Slashdot discussion about this is rather tasty too.

OK. So your new Mac OSX now comes with Ruby On Rails, something that you could have downloaded before the announcement was made.

So, that’s it. Have at it!