And Titan begat Callisto

Reformatting and reinstalling XP on a Toshiba (“Titan”) A40 was actually easier than expected:

  1. Back-up data.
  2. Reset computer to boot from CD-drive first (Reminder: the default is set to ‘HDD’). On your Toshiba laptop, just start the ConfigFree application and set that option from there.
  3. Put your recovery disk in the drive.
  4. Restart your computer and follow instructions. For your information, the recovery disk is actually using a combination of Windows 98 (boot) and Symantec Ghost.
  5. Done! (No need to fill out the XP personal registration information, since Toshiba’s reinstall seems to save and reuse the existing ‘licensing information’)

The hardest part was to find that darn Toshiba Recovery disk.