Civilization, Part 11.

After many Talisman A Cappella moons of playing Civ 4 (all posts on xsamplex), I finally found out who sings that brilliant opening tune: It’s the Talisman a cappella, a group of a cappella1 singers and students operating from Stansford University. The song itself (‘Babu Yetu”) was arranged and composed by Christopher Tin and if you don’t own Civ 4 yourself, you can listen to the tune right from Tin’s site (It’s a slightly different arrangement from the game, though2). From the site itself, the following comment:

The lyrics are a Swahili adaptation of the Lord’s prayer: “Our Father, who art in heaven…” This version is the original ‘Composer’s Mix’, as remastered by award-winning engineer Casey Stone. It’s available as a free download: our only request is that you email Chris if you like the song, and want to hear more like it in upcoming album projects

Hell, yeah. Actually, I dare to say that that song makes the game.

1 A cappella: music is vocal music or singing without instrumental accompaniment, or a piece intended to be performed in this way.
2 Notice that 2 K Games uses a complete different arrangement of the very same song. (Add.: portion is part of the game’s introduction).

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