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Cold and photos

I read Stairwaythat it is going to be cold for a while: temperatures have been sticking between the -15 and lower for the last days, nee, weeks.

With these kind of temperatures, making pictures puts a toll on the charge of the camera batteries: Alfons passed on three to me, and today, one of them gave up within the hour. Not to mention that the lens’ autofocus mechanism doesn’t really like these temperatures either. I should find a way to keep the camera (and particularly the lens) warm, or within operating temperatures.

Talking about photos: CBC has photos of the snow storm that hit Europe, last Thursday. The series include a picture of The Netherlands; an uninspiring scene depicting a windmill in the snow.

And then, the winner of the 50th annual World Press Photo contest was announced: The winning picture shows a group of young Lebanese driving through a South Beirut neighbourhood. I was actually more impressed by this photo. Other galleries can be found here.

So, -snow

I just A tree, a town and snowpeeked out the window and saw that it was snowing alright again. It has been going on and off all day, actually. It appeared to be worse yesterday, basically because of the sudden drop of temperature in the afternoon, making the area around the house a skate rink. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same happens tonight.

Snowplowers of Nova Scotia, unite! For great justice!

Bonus links: Don’t stand there when a snowplow is on the road, “Snow Plow Science”.

02/07/2007: There’s a bug somewhere in WordPress that magically ‘deleted’ the photo shown above.