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Huh. huh?

I was trying to play a QuickTime movie on Ubuntu (“Hardy Heron”, 8.04) and was surprised to find out that Totem (the default Mozilla plug-in for streaming movies) had a (ahem) hard time to play the movie. VLC to the … Continue reading

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What definition?

Yesterday, while watching Dream Warriors’ “My Definition of a boombastic jazz style” video-clip, I was amazed about the visuals used in that video. The clip prominently features (besides a lot of colours and pantomime) the (artistic) use of a focal … Continue reading

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The language

I watch some (video)clips online at the regular websites (Crooks and Liars and Onegoodmove, as you may have already known), most of time just to view the best parts of ‘The Colbert Report’ and ‘Jon Stewart’s Daily Show’. Obviously, both … Continue reading

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