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More of December and the same

I‘ve been mostly reading books these days: The Iconia I bought for my birthday (review) is the ideal reading device. Well, mind the glare then: I’m sure that future devices will have touchscreens sans gloss. What’s the point of having a tablet if you can’t use it outside?

Anyway: reading books. I was finally able to finish off a bunch of book series: I finished all of the Hunger Games books. I also finished off the ‘Sword of Truth’ set: while I liked it, I thought the writing quality had its ups and downs. I thought the Harry Potter books were pleasant: as with the movies, they did go from ‘light-hearted’ to mostly ‘dark’. Well, with the traditional happy end, because these are kids books, mostly. I have this feeling that JK Rowling will not produce anything of substance after finishing off HP.

I’ve kept track of most books on Twitter: sadly, Twitter is not the best media to store ‘historical’ data. Since I’m mostly using the Amazon Kindle reader, I was surprised to see that Amazon doesn’t really track which books I read. With envy I look at the Kobo reader, which has an excellent ‘social’ media ‘tie-in’ and ‘achievements’. I do find electronic books rather expensive. Oh well, back to reading my book

Hibuscus and other tales

We bought a hibiscus (Wikipedia) the other day at the local Sobeys. They had them in assorted colours, but we opted to go for red. Again. We used to have one before when we were living in Nova Scotia and let me tell you: this is the only houseplant I’ve ever known that is so picky that you want to yell at it. However, for some reason, that makes us more persistent to get the one we bought growing as it is supposed to be. Mind the dead leaves and flowers it dropped on the carpet. Yes, I almost forgot it does that too.

I’ve slowly picked up the ‘Chronicles of Thomas Covenant’ (Wikipedia): I’ve read these before when I was a young kid and just 5 years ago, I bought the first 3 books of the series. However, SF chronicles tire me out. Not as much as George W. Bush’s “Decision Point”, tho.

Now that I got an Android Tablet (earlier), I find I spend my time more using the Tablet than my Windows PC. Interestingly, this has also resulted in me using my Linux laptop more than usual: this laptop now functions as a buffer between the Tablet and my multimedia collection (books, video and audio files). On the Tablet I use ‘ES Explorer’ (marketplace) to copy files forth and back (via SAMBA, no less). I managed to get the Tablet connected to the Linux laptop also, via the direct/USB cable: However, WIFI is so easy.


I briefly mentioned this in the previous posting that I bought myself an Android tablet, which review is pending… I hope. Thanks to this tablet, I’ve actually re-kindled (no really, considering I use the Android Kindle app) my love for reading books. I think the current score of books I finish in a week is four.

This reminds me when I was younger and introduced to the library by parents and siblings: I (and my twin sibling) literally swallowed (or ate so you will) books and eventually we were reminded by others what the point was visit to the (local) library branch on a daily basis. This amused our parents who laughed about this and mockingly called the library our ‘second home’.

There are couple of ‘library events’ that stand firmly in the back of my mind: the first one was the day we as (children) decided to try to walk out with books that were marked as ‘more adult’ (age 12 and higher). We were bored to tears reading the kids books but the librarian on duty caught us red-handed.

The second event was our entrance in the city’s Central Library: it was so large, and there were so many books to pick from. I mostly read a mix of SF/Fantasy, Thrillers and literature: compared to the little local library, the Central Library was a place in heaven, with places to roam about and quietly sit down.

I might add, that this Central Library had plenty of programming books around and (unsurprisingly) would fuel our search for programming subjects.