Unpimp your ‘auto’

A couple of weeks ago, Alfons introduced me to the term ‘pimp your car’. I had never heard of it before, but after explanation, I understood it had something to do with adding fancy accessoiries to your car. Or rather, as a highly popular MTV show calls it: ‘Pimp my ride’. Obviously, we’re missing out over here in rural Nova Scotia. First of all we don’t have MTV because we only have the package that comes with CNN. Secondly, I always thought pimping had something to do with ‘selling ladies’ services to third parties’. As in suply and demand economics. You get the picture.

Anyway: this morning, while browsing the YouTube site, I ran accross these (cleverly named and absolutely hilarious) VW commercials called ‘Unpimp your car’, it finally occured to me what exactly Alfons was talking about.

I’m also pretty sure that that actor in that commercial is a well known actor. Did he play in the Meyer movies? VW is in da house!

2 thoughts on “Unpimp your ‘auto’

  1. Clay

    I love these commercials too. The actor’s name is Peter Stormare. He’s been in tons of movies, notably Bad Boys II, Minority Report (the creepy eye surgeon), and 8mm. If you want to find more on him, just search for him @ http://www.imdb.com. Ciao.

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