Doris Day

A couple years ago, a CD sampler of ‘Doe Maar’, a Dutch Ska band, Doe Maar was given to me for Christmas. Without a doubt, in the late Seventies/Eighties, Doe Maar was one of the most influential bands in The Netherlands. I was never really into the music myself, basically because of either their use of Dutch lyrics and controversial topics. And ska, apparently while being the right (musical) vehicle those days, it wasn’t a music style that really attracted me.

Doe Maar didn’t stay together for long mainly because the band wasn’t really used to overcrowded concerthalls and fainting fans. But naturally, wherever there’s a split, there’s always a reunion. If I’m not wrong, the band decided to play together (once again) around the mid Nineties to separate ways (once) again afterwards. So: today’s ‘Past The Bridge’ sample comes from the song Doris Day, one of their bigger hits [among the many they already had] and apparently a song about the film icon Doris Day.

And don’t bother asking me what they sing about.

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