Bow wow wow

While preparing snapshots of music from Sonic Youth, for a new addition to the ‘Past-The-Bridge’ collection, I decided to turn the clock back a bit more (once again , I see): right to the Eighties. I’ve discussed Bow Wow Wow before here.

Back to the Eighties: from what I know from memory, the band Bow Wow Wow was (literally) raked together by British musical ‘enfant-terrible’, Malcolm McLaren, who apparently, was the first manager to ask a front singer (a teenager) to pose naked on an album cover. I have no memories to the public outcry around that time: I do remember the band promoting their latest (catchy) tune ‘Do you want to hold me’ on the Dutch version of ‘Top of the Pops’. I also recall the mohawks, a hairdo that became synonymous with rebellion in the age of punk and ska.

At that time, younger and interested in other kinds of music, I didn’t care about Bow wow wow. 22 or 23 years later, I remember flying over CD covers, picking out the bands’ sampler and dragging it along to several ‘Eighties’ party. Not because it is good music, but it’s surely catchy and is (once again) a living proof of McLaren’s genius.

Update: YouTube has the original video online. Look for the scary Reagan picture! (note: YouTube seems to be awful slow today)

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