Bow wow wha?

Besides rediscovering Pizzicato 5 (they split up in the Nineties I hear), today I also remembered I had an mp3 (legitimate) of Bow wow wow. To be more specific, of the song ‘Do you want to hold me’. It comes from a collectors CD and I think I only bought it for that song, because, it’s basically an older Eighties song.

Actually, one of those Eighties songs, but then of the one-hit-and-that’s-it-type1. It’s still a fun song, because it has all those silly references to that specific time: it’s a mix of reggae, ska, punk sung together on a overly sweet melody by a (then) very young lead singer, Annabella Lwin.

It won’t surprise anybody that the band has been, uh, CPR-ed, so to say. You can find the whole story over at the BowWowWow site: that is if you’re bored enough.

1 I consider the LA’s ‘There She Goes Again’ of the same quality. I can’t wait for the return of the Bay City Roller’s ‘Saturday Night’. On preview, skip that last comment.

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