Weight vs. Volume

How many cups of
sugar are in hundred grams
Ask Isaac Newton

Update: Huh?. One day, everybody will go over to the metric system. One can only dream.
– It’s a go: almond stuffing is ready. Now it’s up to the dough part. More butter!
– I’ve got one ‘tour’ to go and then just roll the dough out as thin as I can. Now it’s 17:29. By 7 I should be able to tell if it worked out or not.
– Much later: It worked out OK. Not perfect: the dough needs more folding and (definitely) needs to be a lot thinner. The almond paste was perfect: reminder to self not to use too much of it on the dough itself. Otherwise the end results looks more like almond-spice explosion tarts.

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  1. alfons hoogervorst says:

    How Many Cups Of
    Sugar Are In Hundred Grams?
    Plumtree’s Potted Meat

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