Civilization 4 (IV)

Yesterday, I ‘har-harred’ about ‘Edelweiss’, the oh-so-pretty-sugar-song1 from ‘The Sound of Music’, which I thought I recognized in Civilization.

Guess what, it’s a music theme triggered when the player enters the ‘Industrial Age’. This had me go promptly back to Windows to find out which MP3 file was just being played. This is actually easy to find out: Check for ‘Industrial’ in the Sountrack folder. Right-click the header, and select the column ‘Last Accessed’ and there you have it.

The title of the MP3 is just about descriptive as anything, it’s called ‘Dvorak 9 2.mp3’, which is the second movement of Dvorak’s ‘From the New World’ (or “Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, Op. 95: II. Largo”). Dvorak at Wikipedia, if you feel so inclined. It’s a fitting piece for Civilization: it’d be nice if Firaxis provided complete musical data for these MP3s.

A silly aside: when entering the Modern Age, you can choose for the Civ Wonder ‘The Internet’: the programmers at Firaxis chose a highly comical icon for this wonder, referring to the inventor of the Internet. I wonder if Al Gore gave permission to use his photo.

1. I was supposed to make a remark here.

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